where you put your attention…


“Here’s the simple but painful truth: what you give your attention to is what you deem sacred.” ~Janet Conner

I find such truth in this quote.

Painful, because sometimes being honest with ourselves might mean we realize when we say/think we’re ‘too busy’ for something, it’s really an excuse. Painful, because looking at what we’re actually giving energy, time, and attention to, might not line up with what we hold dear and sacred.

And simple, because sometimes (maybe even often) we have more choice, more power, more sovereignty, than we believe… Choice in what or where we give our attention. Choice to *do* the thing.

For me, living my creativity is one of the things I deem sacred. Painting. Writing. Art journaling. House-tending. Living my creativity in all areas of my life, as much as possible. It is sacred to me – and it connects me to the Sacred.

What gets your attention, your time, your energy, your focus? What do you deem sacred?

And – are your answers to the questions in alignment with each other?