I’m Ginger (or Gin, for short) – welcome to my blog!

This is a little spot where I write about writing, creativity, and life in general.

I write because I feel guided to write. And I share in case it helps others feel less alone, or brightens a day, or brings a smile, or gives a nugget of inspiration.

I’m a writer… of novels, of blog posts (although most of my older blog posts aren’t “out in the world” anymore), of short stories (although rarely those, these days) and sometimes nonfiction.

In addition to writing, I like to play with paint, read, hang out with my husband and our sweet-and-spoiled kitty, listen to music, pray, spend time breathing fresh air, and have good talks with friends.

A few other things about me…  I’ve had a life-long (and sometimes debilitating) struggle with anxiety. I love Jesus. I can be a paradox in several ways. Even after decades on this earth, I’m still in the process of accepting myself as I am – and that’s okay.

I suck at small talk, I’m very introverted and shy (there’s a difference), and when you add social anxiety to the mix… well, let’s just say that connecting with others can be a challenge at times. (But oh how I value that connection with others!)

I land at INFP when it comes to Myers-Briggs. (Or INFJ, depending.)

And I’m on a spiraling journey of a pilgrimage with this life of mine.

Social media isn’t where I spend as much time as I used to, but I do still hang out on facebook and instagram a bit – and if you follow me on instagram, you’ll soon find out I post lots of pictures of our calico girl…

You can find my middle-grade novel, In New Harmony, on Amazon (in paperback or kindle version) here and on Barnes & Noble here.

In the past, I’ve also sold several short stories (for children and for adults) and I worked as a freelance greeting card writer for almost a decade.

My current writing projects include a novel related to In New Harmony (the new novel is for adults) and an assortment of other things that I dip into now and then.

If you’d like to get in touch, you can contact me here.

Thanks for stopping by.


A note about copyright… All content – written as well as photography – is by me, Ginger Simpson White, copyright 2008-2019.