my father’s passing…

I had planned to do a blogging challenge of a post a day for 30 days during the month of August. But I didn’t finish – and that’s okay.

Blogging needed to come to a stand-still for me for a while because my family’s situation – which has been a major factor in my life this whole year – became even more of a priority.

My post last Thursday was written on the day that the decision was made to call in hospice care for my father.

By the next morning, his condition had drastically worsened.

Hospice came onto the scene officially that Friday afternoon. My brother changed his plans to take a week-long trip out west, and instead went to my parents’ on Saturday so that he could be there. Saturday evening my father was transported by ambulance to a lovely and caring in-patient hospice facility in the county where my parents live.

The next evening – a week ago today – early in the evening of Sunday, August 25, my father passed away.


My father was 87 years old (a couple of months away from 88)… he’d lived a long life, he’d spent the last many months in a great deal of pain, and I know he’s at peace now.

Thank you to everyone who called, posted facebook comments, and sent emails and messages of condolences and love and support for me and my family.

It means more than I can say.

In memory of my father… with love for him, with gratitude for him…