printable (free) – say yes to your creativity

Creativity is huge!

It expresses who you are, it can help with processing emotions (the ones that feel wonderful as well as the ones that feel awful),  it’s a way to connect with spirituality, and I believe creativity aids any healing journey.

Whether your creative outlet is painting, writing, knitting, cooking, gardening, dancing, or whatever creativity is for you, creativity nourishes the soul, in lots of ways.


say YES to your creativity

I made a printable with that phrase, and it’s free if you’d like to get it.

As with the other printables (those are here) there’s no charge, nothing to sign up for, no need to give your email address… simply download whatever file(s) you wish.

The files include one pdf file (you can set the size when you print), as well as jpg files for sizes 4×6, 5×7, and 8×10. These are high quality, 300dpi, suitable for printing to frame, or put on a bulletin board, or put somewhere as an inspirational piece, a reminder, a declaration, a promise, a prompt, an encouragement: say YES to your creativity

The links are below – get all the files or just one, whatever you wish.

Get the pdf file here.

The 4×6 jpg file is here.

The 5×7 jpg file is here.

The 8×10 jpg file is here.

Download, print, and enjoy!

And check back or follow my blog for more printables to come.



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