write the story {free printable}…

This printable is for the writers out there! And it’s free (you can find other free printables here).

Sometimes my mind goes in various directions thinking of what to write, wondering what story to share or tell (whether fiction or real life). Sometimes the ideas swirl but I feel confused about which one to choose. Sometimes I draw a blank about what to write.

When I’m faced with any of these situations, I’ve found that I continue to come back to a main guiding principle – and I’ve put those words into a downloadable printable.

Write the story you’re given to write.

That’s a main thing, I believe, we’re asked to do when it comes to writing. No one else will have the same story we’re guided to write, in the same way we’re guided to write it.

As with the other printables, there’s no charge, nothing to sign up for, no need to give your email address… simply download whatever file(s) you wish.

The files include one pdf file (you can set the size when you print), as well as jpg files for sizes 4×6, 5×7, and 8×10. These are high quality, 300dpi, suitable for printing to frame, or put on a bulletin board, or put somewhere as an inspirational piece, reminder, or gentle nudge of encouragement: Write the story you’re given to write.

The links are below – get all the files or just one, whatever you wish.

Get the pdf file here.

The 4×6 jpg file is here.

The 5×7 jpg file is here.

The 8×10 jpg file is here.

Download, print, and enjoy!

More freebies are on the way, so please check back or follow my blog for updates.


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